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Because Antarctica is calling and I must go!
To more mountains!
#20mountainsin2016 (updated)
Done and dusted!
10. Mount Fuji
6. Mount Takao, 7. Mount Kobotoke Shiroyama, 8. Mo...
3. Mount Kita (北岳), 4. Mount Nakashirane (中白峰山) & ...
2. Mount Tsukuba (筑波山), Ibaraki


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Thursday, November 30, 2017, 10:26 PM
Because Antarctica is calling and I must go!

It was a last minute decision. I thought all the selections were over and I had no chance to try, but who knows what Allah has planned. They made another series of selection in Kuala Kubu Baru, Putrajaya and Kedah. I went for Putrajaya as I was in the woods on the same date they held selection in KKB. With lack of rest and cardio training, I went to the selection with nothing but spirit and determination. Hahaha. 
There were quite a lot of strong participants attended, some familiar faces and some I never saw before. Dr Sharifah Mazlina started the selection with briefing on rules and regulations and tips on how to do the test. Each participant will be tested on 5 different cardio routines :

1. Sit up
2. Push up
3. Squat
4. Quadrant jump
5. Bleep

The first four routines will test on your determination to see how far you can go, how long can you endure and push yourself to achieve your target. But the most important test is the bleep test. This is to test your endurance, speed, mental and fitness level. Well, I didn't do my best and let's just say I passed all minimum requirements needed. Thank god. 

So, the next test is social media campaign where we need to 'sell' (okay not sell la, but more like attracting people to vote us based on our achievement. haha) ourselves to get as many likes and shares on our individual AWETA facebook post (Btw, this is my link. do like & share, guys! hehe). So far so good, I managed to convince people using all the hard work done and achieved in the past (all the missions and stuff). 


But trust me, this is my first time exposing myself to lotsa people out there about my world and passion. I just could not care less about it before. Hopefully whatever comes and happens along the journey will not change me into someone else, let me stay true to myself, my passion and all my goals. 

Your Wanita Gunung,
Izza Rosli

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

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Monday, November 20, 2017, 9:57 PM

  1. Gunung Bunga Buah, Genting Highland, Pahang (1,430 meter)
  2. Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highland, Pahang (2,032 meter)
  3. Gunung Irau, Cameron Highland, Pahang (2,110 meter)
  4. Gunung Angsi, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan (825 meter)
  5. Gunung Berembun, Terengganu (1,108 meter)
  6. Gunung Merbabu, Indonesia (3,145 meter)
  7. Gunung Batur, Bali, Indonesia (1,7,17 meter)
  8. Gunung Tahan, Pahang (2,187 meter)
  9. Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan (885 meter)
  10. Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah (4,095 meter)

I have a therapist, her name is NATURE.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 3:33 AM

  1. Gunung Inas, Perak (1,454 meter)
  2. Gunung Rembau, Negeri Sembilan (884 meter)
  3. Gunung Gagak, Negeri Sembilan (807 meter)
  4. Gunung Kob, Kelantan (1,240 meter)
  5. Gunung Baha, Kelantan (1,450 meter)
  6. Gunung Ayam, Kelantan (1,500 meter)
  7. Gunung Che Tahir, Kelantan (1,430 meter)
  8. Gunung Saji, Kelantan (1,285 meter)
  9. Gunung Tera, Kelantan (1,555 meter)
  10. Gunung Nyelit, Kelantan (1,345 meter)
  11. Gunung Beirut, Kelantan (1,380 meter)
  12. Gunung Bar Gading, Perak (1,620 meter)
  13. Gunung Bongkok, Perak (1,344 meter)
  14. Gunung Banlok, Perak (1,412 meter)
  15. Gunung Ulu Kinjor, Perak (1,232 meter)
  16. Gunung Guling Gantang, Pahang (800 meter) 
  17. Gunung Sempah, Pahang (1,205 meter) 
  18. Gunung Rajah, Pahang (1,683 meter)
  19. Gunung Merapi, Yogyakarta (2,930 meter)
  20. Gunung Ciremai, Kuningan (3,078 meter)  
  21. Gunung Argopuro, perbatasan Probolinggo, Situbondo, Bondowoso (3,088 meter)
  22. Gunung Rajah, Bentong, Pahang (1685 meter)
  23. Gunung Liang Timur, Behrang, Perak (1,933 meter)
  24. Gunung Liang Barat, Behrang, Perak (1,933 meter)
  25. Gunung Tumang Batak, Behrang, Perak (1,933 meter)
  26. Gunung Chondong Geliting, Behrang, Perak (1,825 meter)
  27. Gunung Kerjul, Ulu Slim, Perak (1,496 meter)
  28. Gunung Sanggul, Ulu Slim, Perak (1,451 meter)
  29. Gunung Tampin, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (764 meter)
  30. Gunung Tampin Selatan, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (734 meter)

May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.

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3:08 AM
To more mountains!

Gunung Malaysia

  1. Gunung Korbu, Perak (2,183 meter) 
  2. Gunung Gayong, Perak (2,173 meter) 
  3. Gunung Yong Belar, sempadan Perak, Pahang, Kelantan (2,181 meter) 
  4. Gunung Junction, sempadan Perak, Pahang, Kelantan (2,072 meter) 
  5. Gunung Charlie, Pahang (1,923 meter) 
  6. Gunung Tebu, Terengganu (1,039 meter)
  7. Gunung Tok Wan, Selangor (675 meter) 
  8. Gunung Bunga Buah, Pahang (1,430 meter)
  9. Gunung Brinchang, Pahang (2,032 meter) 
  10. Gunung Irau, Pahang (2,110 meter) 
  11. Gunung Angsi, Negeri Sembilan (825 meter) 
  12. Gunung Berembun, Terengganu (1108 meter) 
  13. Gunung Tahan, Pahang (2,187 meter) 
  14. Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah (4,095 meter) 
  15. Gunung Jerai, Kedah (1,217 meter) 
  16. Gunung Baling, Kedah (420 meter) 
  17. Gunung Rabong, Kelantan (1,538 meter) 
  18. Gunung GAP, Selangor (1,183 meter) 
  19. Gunung Ulu Semangkok, Selangor (1,394 meter) 
  20. Gunung Ledang, Johor (1,394 meter) 
  21. Gunung Yong Yap, sempadan Perak/Kelantan (2,167 meter) 
  22. Gunung Bubu, Perak (1,974 meter) 
  23. Gunung Tok Nenek, Pahang (1,916 meter) 
  24. Gunung Chamah, Kelantan (2,171 meter) 
  25. Gunung Ulu Sepat, Perak (2,161 meter) 
  26. Gunung Hitam, Selangor (1,220 meter) 
  27. Gunung Bintang False, Perak (1,526 meter) 
  28. Gunung Bintang Selatan, Perak (1,560 meter) 
  29. Gunung Bintang, sempadan Kedah, Perak (1,862 meter) 
  30. Gunung Bintang Utara, Kedah (1,835 meter) 
  31. Gunung Berembun, Negeri Sembilan (1,014 meter) 
  32. Gunung Besar Hantu, Negeri Sembilan (1,462 meter) 
  33. Gunung Nuang, Selangor (1,493 meter) 
  34. Gunung Inas, Perak (1,454 meter) 
  35. Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan (885 meter) 
  36. Gunung Rembau, Negeri Sembilan (884 meter) 
  37. Gunung Gagak, Negeri Sembilan (807 meter) 
  38. Gunung Stong, Kelantan (1420 meter) 
  39. Gunung Kob, Kelantan (1,240 meter) 
  40. Gunung Baha, Kelantan (1,450 meter) 
  41. Gunung Ayam, Kelantan (1,500 meter) 
  42. Gunung Che Tahir, Kelantan (1,430 meter) 
  43. Gunung Saji, Kelantan (1,285 meter) 
  44. Gunung Tera, Kelantan (1,555 meter) 
  45. Gunung Nyelit, Kelantan (1,345 meter) 
  46. Gunung Beirut, Kelantan (1,380 meter) 
  47. Gunung Padang Ragut, Kelantan (1,400 meter) 
  48. Gunung Bar Gading, Perak (1,620 meter) 
  49. Gunung Bongkok, Perak (1,344 meter) 
  50. Gunung Banlok, Perak (1,412 meter) 
  51. Gunung Ulu Kinjor, Perak (1,232 meter) 
  52. Gunung Guling Gantang, Pahang (800 meter) 
  53. Gunung Sempah, Pahang (1,205 meter) 
  54. Gunung Rajah, Pahang (1,683 meter) 
  55. Gunung Liang Timur (1,933 meter)
  56. Gunung Liang Barat (1,933 meter)
  57. Gunung Tumang Batak (1,933 meter)
  58. Gunung Chondong Geliting (1,825 meter)
  59. Gunung Kerjul, Ulu Slim, Perak (1,496 meter) 
  60. Gunung Sanggul, Ulu Slim, Perak (1,451 meter)
  61. Gunung Tampin, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (764 meter)
  62. Gunung Tampin Selatan, Negeri Sembilan (734 meter)

Gunung Indonesia

  1. Gunung Rinjani, Lombok (3,726 meter) 
  2. Gunung Batur, Bali (1,717 meter)
  3. Gunung Merapi, Yogyakarta (2,930 meter) 
  4. Gunung Merbabu, Yogyakarta (3,145 meter) 
  5. Gunung Ceremai, Kuningan (3,078 meter) 
  6. Gunung Argopuro, perbatasan Probolinggo, Situbondo, Bondowoso (3,088 meter) 

Gunung Jepun

  1. Gunung Io, Nagano (9,055 kaki / 2,760 meter) 
  2. Gunung Tsukuba, Tsukuba (2,877 kaki / 877 meter) 
  3. Gunung Kita, Yamanashi (10,476 kaki / 3,193 meter) 
  4. Gunung Nakashirane, Yamanashi (10,022 kaki / 3,055 meter) 
  5. Gunung Aino, sempadan Shizoaka, Yamanashi (10,463 kaki / 3, 189 meter) 
  6. Gunung Takao, Tokyo (1,965 kaki / 599 meter) 
  7. Gunung Kobotoke-Shiroyama, Tokyo (2,198 kaki / 670 meter) 
  8. Gunung Kagenobu, Tokyo (2,385 kaki / 727 meter) 
  9. Gunung Jinba, Tokyo (2,812 kaki / 857 meter) 
  10. Gunung Fuji, sempadan Shizoaka, Yamanashi (12,388 kaki / 3,776 meter)

p/s: this list will be updated from time to time. Till then, see you when I see you on track :)

The last word always belongs to the mountain.

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3:04 AM
#20mountainsin2016 (updated)

Since I'm stuck with Japan posts, I'll update on my #misigunung #misi2016 's progress here.

1. Mount Baling, Baling, Kedah (420m / 1377ft)
2. Mount Rabong, Gua Musang, Kelantan (1538m / 5047ft)
3. Mount GAP, Fraser Hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor (1183m / 3868ft)
4. Mount Ulu Semangkok, Fraser Hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor (1394m / 4558ft)
5. Mount Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan (885m / 2900ft)
6. Mount Ledang, Ledang, Johor (1276m / 4186ft)
7. Mount Yong Yap, Perak (2168m / 7110ft)
8. Mount Bubu, Perak (1657m / 6476ft)
9. Mount Tok Nenek, Perak (1916m / 6248ft)
10. Mount Chamah, Kelantan (2171m / 7123ft)
11. Mount Ulu Sepat, Perak/Kelantan (2161m / 7089ft)
12. Mount Black, Hulu Langat, Selangor (1220m / 4026ft)
13. Mount Bintang False, Perak (1526m / 5007ft)
14. Mount Bintang South, Perak (1560m / 5118ft)
15. Mount Bintang, Kedah/Perak (
16. Mount Bintang North, (1862m / 6020ft)
17. Mount Berembun, Negeri Sembilan (1014m / 3326ft)
18. Mount Besar Hantu, Negeri Sembilan (1462m / 4796ft)
19. Mount Nuang, Selangor (1493m / 4898ft)
20. Mount Stong, Kelantan (1422m / 4665ft)

11 mountains completed. Another 9 mountains to go!

**update : Completed all 20 mountains last year. Yeayyyyyy!

It was in those moments of loneliness that I found You.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10:22 AM
Done and dusted!

Finally completed the #10mountainsinJapan post after 2 years. haha. Hopefully it gives you some ideas and insights on how it would be like to hike in Japan. I will probably make a Malay version of my journey in another website (still working on it, which I don't know how long will it takes. haha). #survivingJapan trip taught me a lot. It left me speechless and turned me into a story-teller. I wish to go further and discover more, especially on mountains and culture parts.

So if you have any questions or inquiries regarding #10mountainsinJapan, feel free to ask, hit up the comment button. I don't eat people :)

Misadventure in Indonesia coming up next!

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Friday, September 22, 2017, 5:26 PM
10. Mount Fuji

They said "save the best for the last".

Mount Fuji (富士山) or Fuji-yama or Fuji-san is the tallest (3,776m) and the most famous mountain in Japan. It is an icon, a proud of Japanese people. Stands on the border between Yamanashi and Shizouka prefecture, Fuji-san is also known as a sacred mountain, a part of Three Holy Mountains of Japan and listed as one of the ultra-prominent peaks (with topographic prominence greater than 1,500 metres).

The official climbing season for Mount Fuji only open on summer which starts from early July to mid September. On other season, the mountain is capped with snow and not many mountain huts are operating/open, so hikers especially beginner are not advised to hike. 

Mount Fuji has 4 different trails to the peak :-
  • Yoshida Trail (Fuji Subaru Line)
  • Subashiri Trail
  • Gotemba Trail
  • Fujinomiya Trail

I was supposed to hike with the Malaysian team (refer to my Minami Alps post), but due to bad weather (thypoon to be exact), I pulled out from the trip last minute and planned my own trip with another friend of mine who did not manage to summit the other day.

We chose to use the easiest and the most popular trail, Yoshida trail. So we decided to take the highway bus straight from Shinjuku to Fuji 5th station, but unfortunately it was sold out a day before (so fast!). But worry not, we found other alternative, by train.

Nah... not this. This is a luxury one.
This one.

Nakano Station – Shinjuku Station -  Otsuki (JR Limited Express train (Azusa or Kaiji)) – Kawaguchiko  Station (Fujikyuko Railway) – Fuji 5th Station (bus in front Kawaguchiko Station)

We reached 5th Station by 5.54pm (Japan time) when the sun just about to set. We took some time to enjoy the scenery, packed our bags and used the toilet (it’s free here at 5th station). We started hiking around 6pm-ish. There is no permit fee for Mount Fuji, but there is conservation donation about 1000yen (optional). I donated and received few pamphlets on Fuji, a batch and wifi password (yes! there is wifi at Mount Fuji, all the way from 5th station to the peak).

The weather was nice but cold. As we hiked further, it got colder and darker. And to be honest, cold weather is my weakness. We stopped at each station, catching breath and trying to collect thoughts (because coldness made us lost our mind).  

I hit my limit at 7th Station. I could not comprehend the coldness (emergency blanket failed to keep me warm) and decided to sleep in the hut to recover. Afraid that if I proceed I might get hypothermia. The weather was no joke, freaking cold. It was 9°C at that night and they said it might drop to zero in the morning. My friend, however, continued the hike as he really wanted to witness the sunrise from the peak. I bid him goodbye and went to sleep right away.

I woke up in the morning feeling all fresh (the mattress was very comfortable. of course la best, I paid 5500yen for it). I went out and saw many hikers outside and on the trail. The scenery and sunrise were amazing. I bet it looks spectacular up there, on the peak. But never mind, there is always next time.

I continued my hike around 6AM-ish. It was less cold, but the trail was packed with hikers and there were long queue until the peak.

I stopped at 8.5th station for toilet and stupidly left my hat there and I proceeded the journey while cursing at my stupidity along the way. Haha.

Where I stupidly left my hat. 

I reached the top around 11AM-ish (Japan time).

When you asked other people to take your picture but you cannot complain. Haha.

There were temple and few shops on top. Also, an excavator.

I walked around the crater rim and saw a long queue of hikers waiting for their turn to take picture at the highest point of Mount Fuji.

After few minutes of walking, I decided to descend as I had bus to catch! I hurriedly went down. The descend trail has many zig-zags (about 23-24) and that took me about 3 hours to reach the trail head. Thank God, I got there on time and took the last bus to Kawaguchiko train station.

While I was on the bus I met a Germany trail runner who is currently staying in Japan for work and has been to Mount Fuji for 49th times the moment we spoke. He said Mount Fuji is a training ground for many trail runners, including him. Our conversation was mostly covered on mountains. He told me about UTMF while I told him about mountains in Malaysia and why he should sign up for Kinabalu Climbathon.

We parted ways once we reached the train station. It was nice to speak to another stranger in another country (actually it was more to feeling grateful that I finally met someone who can speak English.haha). I went to Tokyo with a happy feeling knowing that I completed my #10mountainsinJapan mission successfully. Alhamdulillah. Yeay!

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