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Sunday, June 30, 2013, 9:38 AM

We were once so close to each other. Our bond was so strong that no one could break us, tear us apart. But that was years ago, as far as I could remember. As we grow older, perhaps wiser, we choose our own path and what was once called 'best friend' is no longer exist. We changed, all of us did. But I never thought one could change so much that I can no longer recognize her, at all. It took me long enough to notice that things have changed, permanently. In that moment I realized that not having her as a friend anymore maybe is the best thing that Allah has ever planned for me. And I know Allah wants me to be on the right path surrounded by people who can guide me towards betterment in both worlds. InsyaAllah. 

And I know I lost nothing in the process. 

I rather be invisible than having all eyes on me that will make me lose my precious freedom.