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Friday, July 12, 2013, 6:56 AM

I guess my love for traditional music has no boundaries. I picked up Erhu after playing Gamelan for few years. I've always wanted to learn to play Chinese instrument, either Yangqin, Zheng or Erhu. Lucky me, my music theory teacher offered and willing to teach us (me and my classmates) Violin and Erhu. And of course I picked the second one, Erhu. Bought the cheapest Erhu we could get at RM300 something. 

Learning Erhu is not as hard as Violin because it only has 2 strings and the solf├Ęge name and the numbers are fixed. The fact that it uses 'number system' just like in Gamelan makes it easier for me to learn. If you are not familiar with music notes, you will probably understand my feeling dealing with it. Dealing with music notes is more or less like dealing with a picky woman. Complicated. *as for me*

Currently, I'm trying to grasp the basic of Erhu. As long as I get the basic, everything else will fall into its place :)

You are weird. I like you.