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Thursday, July 11, 2013, 1:14 AM
New Tumblr

My analogue pictures have new home now. I deleted the old one and made a new account of Tumblr *because the previous one looks so serabut*. Ever since I have Pinterest account, I abandoned Tumblr. I find Pinterest is more effective in my searching-for-some-inspiration hobby *is it a hobby?*. Be it photography, design, recipes or home deco. Moreover, you can arrange/put/add the posts you like into specific folders *nice!* And I no longer upload pictures (analogue) on Lomohomes since I rarely use Lomo camera nowadays. No money to buy slide film as it is getting more 'unreasonably' expensive and I have lost interest to join the rumble competition and no longer care about Piggy Point. So, I switched to SLR as an alternative. Besides, I have this huge box of negative films given by a friend of mine *thank you* No matter how many films I have used, the amount doesn't seem to reduce. LOL. I should go out often and take more pictures.

The mountain is calling, your wild adventure is waiting.