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Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 5:03 PM
Yadoya Guesthouse, Nakano, Tokyo

picture credit : kodengmolly

Finding a cheap and convenient hostel/guesthouse is easy in Japan IF you do it early. But if it is a last minute decision, things might be a bit hard. At first, I had no clue on where to stay.  I mean, like, where is the most strategic and cheap place that is near to the city? And also has female dorm room? I was lucky that even though I was a bit late, I managed to find a cheap (price may be vary due to currency) and cozy guesthouse through Hostelworld

They had few spots left for female dorm room during that period. So, without thinking twice, I booked the room for two weeks (but not two weeks straight). Done! Why two weeks? It was a hiking trip and I was too lazy and tired to pack and unpack the rucksack because my rucksack was BIG and HEAVY with food and hiking gears. And I spent another week in the mountain.
I'm not joking when I said my bag was big and heavy.
Mostly were side ration for hiking trips
My space. I love bottom bunk bed
My room mate, Martina! I miss you :D

The location of Yadoya Guesthouse is very strategic. Located in the middle of a peaceful neighborhood in Nakano, it is near to JR train station, Shinjuku, laundry and public bath are few blocks away and the most important thing, 7E is JUST ACROSS THE STREET. HAHA. 

They were so nice, they also gave Nakano map for me to explore the city. Terharu... T.T

I did not have trouble communicating with the staffs as most of them can speak English. They were very helpful and friendly too! It was fun talking to them because some of the staffs are actually backpackers who work while traveling. We shared lots of stories while eating in the kitchen. Oh ya, they have kitchen, iron and hair-dryer as well. Moreover, they also provide luggage storage for only 200 yen per day/bag which is CHEAPER than the other luggage lockers! I left some of my stuff there for a week because I had to go to Minami Alps for hiking trip, and it only costed me about 1000 yen!


If I were to repeat Japan trip, I would definitely come here again. I love the environment, and the people too. But most of all, I miss this.. T.T
Ebi Mayo Onigiri

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